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Have you ever wanted to share your motorcycle gear reviews but didn’t know where to start?

Calling all riders! Do you have an interest in motorcycles, and want to have your motorcycle gear reviews and other articles published on this site? We will gladly publish all original material submitted by the author.

Our website exists so you can share information on all of your farkles, or motorcycle accessories. Whether you have added a new windscreen, frame sliders, or an aftermarket exhaust, we want you to review and share it with the world right here. However if you have a great road story to share, a bike review, or any other motorcycle related article, we will gladly consider it for publishing on this site. Whether you ride a Cruiser, a Dual Sport, a Classic Bike, a track ready Sport Bike, or a new Sport Touring Motorcycle,; we want to learn about you and how you farkled your ride.

Send your articles to Please send your article in MS Word, (Apple Users, if you are using Pages, you can export an article in Word.) Include any photos, and or video that you would like to include in your article.  Please ensure that that all photos are in a separate file from the MS Word document, and that it the photos are sent in a JPEG format. (.jpg)  If this all sounds complicated don’t worry, simply email us what you are thinking about writing and we can walk you through the process.

The moderators reserve the right to modify any content to ensure that it is “child safe”, and also reserve the right to not publish any individual article sent for any reason. We appreciate all the riders who are willing to share their knowledge on this site for the rest of the Motorcycle Community.

Why not submit a review and let your voice be heard?

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