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You can view pricing and order any of Komy Kwan’s LED lights on eBay by clicking here: Komy’s eBay page.


3000 lumens should light things up

Are 3000 Lumens the ultimate Farkle?

There are five different light strength levels of LED’s available.

Click the underlined text in blue below to go to the product page on the merchant’s site to order or learn more.

780 Lumens (12 watts power consumption each) Ideal for use as running lights to supplement the standard low beam. It helps you get noticed more in traffic.
900 Lumens(12 watts power consumption each).The 900 lumen lights are a new addition to Komy’s lights.

1600 Lumens (20 watts power consumption each) Ideal as a big supplement to your high beam headlights. Can be used to improve the field of light from your standard motorcycle headlights if too narrow.  Should only be used with available dimmer when paired to the low beam.
3,000 Lumens (30 watts power consumption each) Provides a massive boost for your high beam headlight. It will improve visibility in the distance and improve your spread of light.  Should only be used with the available dimmer when paired to the low beam.
3,500 Lumens NEW! Super bright LEDs that will wake any cager up from their daydream behind the wheel.

A wireless remote dimmer is available for the 1,600, 3,000 and 3,500 Lumens LED lights and must be used if pairing with your motorcycle’s low beam as these lights are far too powerful to use full strength when facing traffic.  See the videos and click the articles below to see how bright these lights are for yourself.  The dimmer allows the lights to be dimmed when on low beam, and run full power on the high beam.

These LED products are shipped globally from Hong Kong to all countries.  My lights were delivered to my home in British Columbia, Canada in approximately 7 days from when the order was placed.  These are high quality powerful motorcycle lights from a very reputable online merchant.

from White Rock at the beach

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We’ve tested the Yana Shiki HID Motorcycle Lights with great results.

Read about HID kits here, and see gallery photos here.

Yana Shiki kit

Click image to learn more about the Yana Shiki HID Lighting Kit on Amazon.com. that offers the best price we could find.



First video, Farkle My Ride’s Mark DT reviews the dimmer equipped 3000 Lumen LED’s with a Yana Shiki HID kit.


Next Mark Robbin’s video on the Cree 3000 lights plus a horn upgrade.

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