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May 12

How to jump start your motorcycle

First Ride of the Season Follies, I should have known better… by Mark DT   Stranded roadside with a dead motorcycle battery all I thought to myself was, how could I be so stupid?  For those that follow this site, you know that we moved from our home in what locals term the “Lower Mainland”, …

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Oct 31

The season ends…densification pushes us away.

Thankfully my lowest mileage season in years ends… …and leads to a life changing decision.   by Mark DT   Normally it always feels a little sad putting the motorcycle to sleep for the winter.  I have my rituals down.  There are a couple of nice close by local roads that I make sure to …

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Aug 04

The London Motorcycle Museum

If you love Norton, BSA, Triumph and other classic British Motorcycles, then take a trip to the London Motorcycle Museum. by Mark DT   The London Motorcycle Museum is one that I’ve long wanted to visit.  This past week I finally got my chance as my wife Anne and I were in London together for …

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Mar 20

Take your ride global with Air Canada

Air Canada makes life better for motorcyclists wanting to tour the globe with special shipping rates for motorcycles.   by Mark DT       First off a quick disclaimer.  I am an Air Canada pilot.  I’ve been a pilot with this company for seventeen years now, and my father was a pilot with them …

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Mar 04

Happiness is the first ride of the season

The First Motorcycle Ride of the season…  Are you and your motorcycle ready to ride? by Mark DT   Nothing is better than that first ride on your motorcycle after taking it out of its winter hibernation in the garage.  It’s a topic I seem to cover each and every year.  We have been extremely …

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Feb 03

Motorcyclists’ Guide to beat the Winter Blues

Got the winter blues? Do you find yourself daydreaming about when you can go riding again? Here are our 10 tips to make the wait until spring a little easier. by Mark DT   Living in the cold north ain’t easy for a motorcyclist. Winters can be very long.  Between shovelling the driveway and dealing …

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Jan 23

Vancouver Motorcycle Show 2015

Best pictures we’ve taken today from the Vancouver Motorcycle show.   Anne and I just returned from the Vancouver Motorcycle show held at the Tradex in nearby Abbotsford, BC.  Lots of interesting new motorcycles were on hand to check out.  My favourites were the new H2R from Kawasaki, the custom shop 750’s on hand from …

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Aug 05

The Four Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

Time for a new motorcycle helmet?  Check these four out.   Submitted By Steve H of   For the most part, motorcycle helmets all look the same. Beside a few different features here and there, the average person wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between an Arai helmet and a Shoei helmet. Well …

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Jun 26

Funny Biker T-Shirt With Passenger Instructions

Need help explaining to your lady how to ride pillion?  This should help. By Anne DT   Here is a funny t-shirt that should get you lots of attention this summer. It has detailed instructions for lady passengers on the back that should come in handy for someone special riding pillion. This biker t-shirt is …

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May 25

Controlling motorcycle road rage

Do you ever experience motorcycle road rage?  Let’s talk about learning to chill out in a sea of stupidity when riding your motorcycle. by Mark DT   We all know that as motorcyclists we must ride like we are invisible all the time.  We must always assume the other drivers don’t see us and have …

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Apr 25

Perfect Motorcycle T-shirt for my man

This Motorcycle T-Shirt sums up how he feels nicely. By Anne DT   My husband Mark often hints that we should get another couple of motorcycles. I think two are plenty, but whenever Mark gets his hands on a new motorcycle magazine, glances at eBay or Craiglist, or goes to a motorcycle show he starts …

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Apr 13

Ready for the first motorcycle ride of the season?

Spring is here, are you and your motorcycle ready for the roads? by Mark DT   There is nothing better than that first motorcycle ride of the season.  Some years, I’ve kept my insurance on for the entire winter and have ridden in some pretty miserable weather.  However, when I finally figured out I was …

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Mar 20

Motorcyclists… are you seen by other motorists?

LED's dim + low beam

Should motorcyclists be seen and not heard?  Today we look at survival tips for sharing traffic jammed roads with many distracted drivers.   by Mark DT   The riding season is just getting started in many parts of North America.  Motorists are more distracted than ever before, and having a few strategies to get noticed …

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Mar 17

$1000 distracted driver laws coming to Central Canada?

Makes sense to us. Now enforce it.

Canada’s Largest Province is bringing down the law on distracted drivers.  Will drivers smarten up?     Canada’s largest province by size and population is Ontario.  Their provincial government is now introducing legislation that will increase the minimum fine for distracted driving from $155 to $300 or even as much as $1000.  These new distracted …

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Mar 09

Inspecting and maintaining your Motorcycle Tires

Leaned right over, your contact patch is a fraction of what your car experiences.

Motorcycle Tires, how they differ from your car’s tires, how to inspect them, and when to replace them. by Anne DT   Making sure your tires are in top shape is very critical on a motorcycle.  The contact patch where your rubber meets the road is much smaller, and the consequences of an accident due …

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Feb 07

2014 Honda VFR 800

Honda's 2014 VFR 800F in red. Will it bring back the faithful?

Honda’s latest VFR 800 goes back to its roots, will the faithful return? by Mark DT with consultation by my good friend Mikey S.   Before writing this article I consulted with my good friend Mikey.  Mike is a lover of all things Honda, and more importantly he loves the VFR 800, and has owned …

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Dec 08

5 Reasons Not To Work On Your Motorcycle In The Kitchen

Follow these steps to keep your marriage and motorcycle in top shape. By Adam Ericson Unless you have a deep and abiding aversion to oil and tools, part of the fun of owning a motorcycle is being able to tinker with it from time to time. You can take it to bits, work out why …

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Nov 21

2014 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie

Honda brings back the Valkyrie in 2014, a missed cruiser with few rivals… by Mark DT From 1996 to 2003 the Honda Valkyrie was Big Red’s most impressive and unique cruiser.  Instead of making a copy cat v-twin they did something totally different.  They built a chopped down cruiser using the horizontally opposed six cylinder …

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Nov 19

Alabama Motorcycle Cop Keeps Job After Drag Racing

By Anne DT A rider on a Honda CBR600RR raced a motorcycle Police Officer on a Harley Davidson last weekend. Check out the video of the drag race below. A motorcycle cop in Montgomery, Alabama was on a quiet patrol last Sunday when a rider at a stop light suggested that they had a little …

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Oct 21

Skully Helmets brings HUD with Rear View in 2014

Skully Helmets introduces a true “Heads Up Display” (HUD) helmet for riders in 2014 and they are looking for beta testers.  (A link on how to apply is included in this article) By Mark DT Skully Hemlets has just announced their new futuristic motorcycle helmet with a built-in 180-degree rear-view camera. The design of the …

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Oct 17

Beginner Bike Wars… Honda introduces the CBR 300

2014 Honda CBR 300

Honda makes things interesting and raises the displacement of its popular entry model to 300 with its new 2014 CBR 300. by Mark DT   We’ve written a lot about what I like to term “beginner bike wars”.  First off I love entry level motorcycles.  Why? Because beginner motorcycles bring in new riders by allowing …

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Oct 02

6 Tips And Tricks For Long Distance Motorcycle Trips

By Frank Peterson   If someone hasn’t been on a long distance motorcycle trip before they could run into trouble, so I’ve mentioned a few tips and tricks that will help them out. Riding long distances can be tough and if you’ve never done something similar before you might be in for a shock. There …

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Sep 15

Protecting Your Motorcycle From Bad Weather Is Easy

Protecting your motorcycle from inclement weather is easier than you think. By Clark Douglas Motorcycles are a lot of fun to ride, but if you own one, you also know that they do require a lot of your attention in order to keep them looking great and running smoothly. These vehicles are also susceptible to …

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Aug 09

Staying cool on a Motorcycle

You don’t have to sacrifice your safety for comfort on hot weather days. by Anne DT   My husband often jokes that the range of outside air temperatures where I enjoy riding my motorcycle the most is from 21.5C (70.7F) to 23.9C (75.02F).  Anything above that range and I’m too hot and below that and …

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Jul 18

4 Most Thrilling Motorcycle Chases Ever Seen On The Big Screen!

By Rick Night Something that excites all action movie enthusiasts is a good, edge of the seat chase scene. Moreover, if it is a motorcycle chase scene, then the thrill is something else. High-speed manoeuvring of the motorcycle on narrow roads, meeting dead ends, sudden breaks and close cuts, this is the stuff that can …

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Jun 17

Motorcycle Helmet with HUD being developed…

Will this “Google Glasses” style Helmet visor interface be the future of motorcycle riding? (with video) By Mark DT Imagine having a first class Snell/ECE rated motorcycle helmet that projects all navigation information onto the inside of the face shield?  How about being able to speak your commands to it much like SIRI, or My …

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Jun 15

Ladies! Motorbikes Are Not Just For Men – Here Is What You Need To Know!

By Miley Stevens     More and more women are getting into motorbiking. It has always been a form of transport that more men are into than women, but all that is changing. It’s largely because of the cost saving – it’s far cheaper to buy and maintain a motorbike than it is a car. …

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Jun 08

Be Safe And Informed – Four Great Apps For Motorcyclists

By Mark Wilde Motorcycling has long been a pastime of millions of people who love the open road and the freedom of going where they wish with minimal impediment. In recent years, though, more and more people are picking up the hobby for other reasons: increased fuel efficiency and reduced cost of ownership when compared …

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May 10

A Tale of Three Triumphs, personal reviews of the Thruxton, Explorer and Street Triple.

Western Powersports Demo day

When my favorite local Triumph dealer has a demo day, you don’t let a little bit of rain stop you. by Mark DT Last year I published a quick guide to manufacturers’ demo days.  I am a full blown demo day junkie, and never miss a chance to attend one when work doesn’t get in …

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May 03

Motorcycle Group Riding 101

Tips for your first Motorcycle Group Riding Experience by Anne DT   Group rides are always good fun. You meet a bunch of new people, see some new places and my favorite part; check out some farkles on other riders’ bikes when you stop for coffee! For new riders a motorcycle group ride can be …

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Apr 13

Pulstar Spark Plugs for Motorcycles

plug comparison

Get more BANG from your combustion stroke with a Pulstar Pulse Plug By Mark DT Years ago in high school shop class we were taught the four strokes of the common internal combustion engine.  Intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust.  Being goofy hormone charged teenagers we remembered this as: suck, squeeze, bang and blow.  Cheesy yes, …

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Mar 31

Easter Bunny Pulled Over For Not Wearing a Helmet

All the gear, all the time – even for the Easter Bunny. The motorcyclist dressed in a bunny costume was pulled over on Saturday by the California Highway Patrol for riding without a helmet. The San Diego CHP officer told the giant Easter bunny that “his outfit was a visual impairment, he was not able …

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Feb 27

Honda CBR600F: A Good Choice

The Honda CBR600F is a motorbike you can use for virtually any task. It performs spectacularly on the race track, is good for touring, and also makes a great city commuter. With so many competing models, however, is purchasing a Honda CBR600F still a good choice?   By Mark Cuthill   Overview The first CBR600F …

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Feb 26

Left lane hogs… Is this a problem in your backyard?

Stuck behind a slow poke in the passing lane?  It’s a problem here in British Columbia, as well as in Toronto, Ontario. by Mark DT   Recently I brought to my rider friends attention the fact that despite all the statistical evidence, most of North America including my beloved home province of British Columbia, Canada …

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Feb 14

Lane Splitting Guidelines Announced in California

The California Highway Patrol has released the first written guidelines for motorcycle lane splitting. by Anne DT Lane splitting is the manoeuvre that allows riders to pass slower moving cars by riding between them or moving between lanes to the front of traffic stopped at a red light.  California is the only state in the …

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Feb 02

BMW Motorrad sells Husqvarna Motorcycles to Pierer Industrie AG

BMW C-Scooter

Yesterday’s announcement from BMW Motorrad tells us that they are saying goodbye to Husqvarna Motorcycles.  Husqvarna is a 110 year old famous offroad motorcycle company from Sweden.  BMW’s press release goes on to say that this move is intended to allow the company to focus more on the growing scooter market. From the press release: The …

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Feb 01

How to fix and maintain your own motorcycle…

Farkle My Ride’s three steps towards becoming a self sufficient motorcyclist, learning the art of motorcycle maintenance. Understanding how to do basic maintenance on your motorcycle will save you a lot of money. What’s stopping you from getting started? by Mark DT   Whether or not you have ever tried working on a motorcycle before, …

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Jan 10

2013 Triumph Tiger Sport

Envy or excitement, how a Tiger owner welcomes the new 2013 Triumph Tiger Sport 1050 by Mark DT   Those of you who read this site know I am a Triumph fan, and that my personal ride is a 2011 Triumph Tiger 1050 SE.  For me it has been the best motorcycle I’ve owned.   …

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Dec 17

2012 Seattle Motorcycle Show

When its a few degrees above freezing and pouring down rain, what could be better than going indoors and checking out all the new bikes for next season?  Here is our summary plus some photos from the 2012 Seattle Motorcycle Show. Words and pictures by Mark DT Anne and I had a great day this …

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Dec 15

6 Amazing Motorcycle Routes From Around the World

By Amy Fowler Sometimes it’s good to go as fast as you can in a straight line, but most motorcyclists like twists, turns, and scenery. If you want to take in some beautiful sights while enjoying the open road, take a ride through one or more of the destinations on this list of amazing motorcycle …

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Dec 05

Farkle My Ride’s Top 10 Motorcycle Books

When the weather turns foul, here are some great motorcycle books for fellow riders to check out. By Anne & Mark DT We have put together a list of our favourite motorcycle books that we think you will enjoy. Some may notice that we didn’t add Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to the …

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Dec 01

Beginner Bike Wars… The Battle Continues with Honda announcing three new 500cc models…

2013 Honda CBR500R, CB500F & CB500X

By Anne DT This is a continuation of our article about the rise of lower-displacement bikes and how the motorcycle manufacturers are fighting over the market for beginner riders. With Honda’s latest release of three middleweight motorcycles Honda says to Kawasaki “I’ll see your Ninja 300 and raise you three versions of Honda 500cc’s.”  The …

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Nov 28

The 2012 Limited Edition Ural Yamal Motorcycle With Sidecar

Yamal Icebreaker

Exciting news from Russian motorcycle manufacturer IMZ Ural: The 2012 Limited Edition Ural Yamal motorcycle with sidecar will be available in the USA this month. By Anne DT The Ural Yamal motorcycle is named after the Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker that has her name from the Yamal Peninsula in Northwest Siberia, which means End of the …

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Nov 14

American Honda reveals six new models for 2013

2013 Honda Goldwing F6B

Exciting news from Honda that seems to be on a tear with their new lineup of motorcycles. By Anne DT Farkle My Ride recently reported Honda’s confirmation that they are bringing the CB1100 back, but were concerned that the bike may never make it to North America.   We are now thrilled to report  Honda is …

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Nov 01

Tsunami Motorcycle on Display at Harley-Davidson Museum

New home is found for the ‘Tsunami Motorcycle’ that was recovered on Canada’s west coast a year after it washed ashore in the tsunami that hit Japan in March, 2011. By Anne DT   Long time users of Farkle My Ride will remember this story about the Tsunami Motorcycle. The 2004 Harley-Davidson FXSTB Softail Night …

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Oct 24

2013 Honda CB1100

Honda builds a bike for those who missed the 70’s, 80’s and the days of classic Universal Japanese Motorcycles. But will we ever see the 2013 Honda CB1100 in the USA or Canada?   The new 2013 Honda CB1100 will no doubt for Honda purists deliver an experience equal to what Triumph lovers have been …

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Oct 23

Motorcycle Chain Maintenance – Lubrication

Motorcycle Chain Maintenance, part 2: So many motorcycle chain lube choices, what works best for your ride? by Mark DT   This is a follow-up to our Motorcycle Chain Cleaning article.  If you haven’t read it you may wish to review it first before continuing here, especially as it is somewhat counterproductive to lube a …

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Oct 16

Win a Brand New Harley by Growing your ‘Stache This November

HD 2013 Street Bob

Harley Davidson Canada supports Movember for a second year in a row and will be giving away a new Harley to a Canadian fundraiser (yes, this could be you). by Anne DT   Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada has announced that it will continue as a Major Partner of Movember in 2012 and is encouraging Canadian men …

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Sep 23

Featured Blog, Couple leave their jobs and ride the world on their own terms… jealous yet?

Have you ever wanted to ride in oh say, Iceland, Europe, Hawaii, India, New Zealand, and all over North America with no end in sight?  Then it’s time to visit the blog of one extremely interesting couple. by Mark DT is a website for every rider who has dreams of leaving it all …

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Sep 13

Beginner Bike wars, Kawasaki raises the bar…

Kawasaki’s 2013 Ninja 300, fuel injection, available with ABS. Team Green goes to war to win coveted first time motorcycle buyers… By Mark DT Last year Honda rocked the beginner motorcycle world with it’s CBR 250R. For the first time a bike aimed at new riders was offered with fuel injection and available ABS in …

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Sep 09

Farkling My Drifter by Chris Kempling

Farkling My Kawasaki Drifter 800 by Chris Kempling   Farkling… Cool verb. I’ve always liked the looks of the classic Indians, but who can afford a new or an old one?  Even if you could afford a classic, why deal with the reliability issues of the older ones?  So I found Kawasaki’s Vulcan Drifter, inspired …

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Aug 31

Motorcycle Chain Maintenance, Chain Cleaning

Motorcycle Chain Maintenance. Simple, cheap and essential by Mark DT Part One Cleaning your motorcycle Chain Before I bought my first motorcycle I remember being a little hesitant about buying a bike with chain drive as I thought the maintenance would be too excessive.  Being a newbie I went to one of my buddies who …

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Aug 17

Instant price comparisons for Motorcycle gear

Farkle My Ride introduces Instant price comparisons for every possible kind of Motorcycle gear Comparison price shopping online just got a whole lot easier   In our effort to keep things fast and easy for you to get the best price on every possible online motorcycle clothing, farkle, accessory, part, tires,and gear purchase; we’ve paired …

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Aug 02

Kawasaki brings ABS to the baby Ninja

Kawasaki will bring ABS to the the Ninja 250r model for 2013, plus our recommendations to boost the performance of any 2012 and earlier North American Ninja 250R. by Mark DT Only a few weeks ago, when commenting on the new 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 650 press release, I made the following statement: If I had …

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Jul 26

A Long Road, by Tim Lovell

A Long Road by Tim Lovell The story of a promise, good friends, and a way to keep them in your heart even when they leave you.   Editors note… Anne and I met Tim on a trip over to Vancouver Island. This was one of those rare summer trips on the ferry where we …

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Jul 26

A Long Road, all the pictures from Tim Lovell

Here are more photos to accompany Tim Lovell’s wonderful personal story, A Long Road,  which tells of his three year restoration of Angelina, Tim’s 1977 Ducati 900 GTS. Click here if you haven’t read A Long Road by Tim Lovell.               [important] Thank you Tim for your great article …

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Jul 25

Eric McCormack is not ashamed to ride a Vespa. Conan O’Brien Interview…

My wife used to own a Vespa ET4.  It was the first two wheeled vehicle with a motor that graced our garage years ago.  One thing that I found hilarious is while I “borrowed” her Vespa to run around downtown Toronto I had more good-looking women stop and chat with me than the collective amount …

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Jul 15

Spiderman is a Squid?

I have to thank Scott Wilson for sending me this great photo today.  No article or blog, its a lazy Sunday for me, but all the same I thought the loyal users of Farkle My Ride would enjoy this photo.  Apparently Spidey doesn’t go ATGATT.  You can click the photo for a larger image.

Jul 10

Kawasaki brings ABS to the Ninja 650 in 2013

Kawasaki brings ABS to the Ninja 650 in 2013 Kawasaki USA announced some 2013 models on their website.  Kudos to them getting the Ninja 650 upgraded to having available Anti Lock Brake System or ABS for an additional $500.  Honda has been besting Kawasaki at bringing in the best entry level options for bikers lately.  …

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Jul 05

Will I fit this motorcycle? The web helps you with Motorcycle Ergonomics…

Will I fit this motorcycle?  The web helps you with Motorcycle Ergonomics… by Mark DT   I had to laugh when I checked out this Wikipedia Entry.  It shows the average height of men and women from all around the world.  In my home country of Canada, I am the exact average male height of …

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Jun 23

Farkle My Ride welcomes readers from Alltop – Top Motorcycle News

The Moderators of Farkle My Ride received some fantastic news this week.  We are now listed on Alltop – Top Motorcycle News.  If you are unfamiliar with Alltop and you are a motorcyclist be sure to visit their page. What is Alltop Top- Motorcycle News?  To Quote from their website’s “about” page; Purpose The purpose …

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Jun 13

10 best motorcycle roads in the U.S… Lonely Planet

10 best motorcycle roads in the U.S… Lonely Planet, CNN, and my own favorite American Highway   It looks like I’m in luck being on the west coast of Canada.  I’m the shortest possible ride to the #1 motorcycle road in the USA from my Canadian homeland according to the good folks at Lonely Planet. …

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Jun 06

Manufacturers’ Motorcycle Demo Days… what it’s all about and why you should go

Motorcycle Demo Days… not to be missed! By Mark DT There are things all of us riders come to enjoy.  Some of us like an empty highway, others prefer single track in the wild, and many can only get their kicks out on the track.  There are bike nights, rallies, and touring that we all …

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May 29

Coming Soon…signing off for a little summer vacation

header by RF Marr

Its been a week or so since the last update.  Lots of activity is going on and several new articles will be up within the next two weeks.  Our next update will be on June 12, 2012. New articles on manufacturers demo days, chain cleaning and lubing, as well an in depth look at increasing …

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May 13

Cheap and Easy Exhaust leak fix… Permatex Ultra Copper Maximum Temp RTV Silicone Gasket Maker

An exhaust leak fix using a product that only takes minutes to apply. Permatex Ultra Copper Maximum Temperature RTV Silicone Gasket Maker Review. Reviewed by Mark DT This is a short and sweet review for Farkle My Ride on a cheap and brilliant product for those that like to work on their own bikes.  I …

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Apr 10

Want your reviews and articles published on Farkle My Ride?

Have you ever wanted to share your motorcycle opinions but didn’t know where to start?  Calling all riders!  Do you have an interest in motorcycles, and want to have your farkle reviews and other articles published on this site?  We will gladly publish all original material submitted by the author. Our website exists so you …

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Apr 07

The new bike, and running them in…

 First day with my new ride, the break in begins… Happy days, I have a brand new motorcycle in the garage.  This is the third new bike I’ve had to run in.  It is the ultimate period of restraint for any owner. You spend time reading about the new potential motorcycle, finally you get a …

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Feb 04

Installing Heated Grips (videos)

Be sure to read all about heated grips, and hand guards first by clicking the underlined blue words. Then watch these videos.  If you wish you can buy any of these grips from the links below.              

Jan 04

Farkle My Ride

F.A.R.K.L.E. – Fancy Accessory Really Kool Likely Expensive Ref: Here is how we see it and define it… Verb: The process of kitting out your motorcycle with cool accessories. Example: “I am spending crazy money farkling my motorcycle.” Noun:  A piece of additional equipment, often termed “after market accessory”, that enhances, customizes, improves, or …

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