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Nov 01

Perhaps the worlds smartest politician…

Listen to this Australian Politician who speaks common sense in defense of motorcycles.          

Mar 20

Take your ride global with Air Canada

Air Canada makes life better for motorcyclists wanting to tour the globe with special shipping rates for motorcycles.   by Mark DT       First off a quick disclaimer.  I am an Air Canada pilot.  I’ve been a pilot with this company for seventeen years now, and my father was a pilot with them …

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Sep 06

Honda recall of 126,000 motorcycles

You may meet the nicest people on a Honda, but if you ride GL-1800, you might need to get your brakes inspected by the dealer.   A new Honda recall is affecting owners of 2001-2010 and 2012 GL-1800 motorcycles.  A letter explaining a potential problem with their rear brake and the resulting recall work required …

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Feb 20

Water Transfer Printing…an end to the airbrush?

Watch this video, you will be amazed!   This video was shared on our facebook page today by motorcyclist Chris Olson.  Skip to the 9 minute mark to see this magic being applied to helmets, and motorcycle tanks.  Truly amazing technology that could re-write the rules of what is possible with custom paint.     …

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Nov 28

The 2012 Limited Edition Ural Yamal Motorcycle With Sidecar

Yamal Icebreaker

Exciting news from Russian motorcycle manufacturer IMZ Ural: The 2012 Limited Edition Ural Yamal motorcycle with sidecar will be available in the USA this month. By Anne DT The Ural Yamal motorcycle is named after the Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker that has her name from the Yamal Peninsula in Northwest Siberia, which means End of the …

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Nov 03

We’ve added “The Daily Deal” from now until Christmas…

We are aiming to help you save money when Christmas shopping for the motorcyclists on your list.    Anne DT is going to be one busy girl for the next seven weeks.  Anne is my wife and partner with this website and takes care of all things technical, web related, and marketing.  She is going …

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Nov 01

Tsunami Motorcycle on Display at Harley-Davidson Museum

New home is found for the ‘Tsunami Motorcycle’ that was recovered on Canada’s west coast a year after it washed ashore in the tsunami that hit Japan in March, 2011. By Anne DT   Long time users of Farkle My Ride will remember this story about the Tsunami Motorcycle. The 2004 Harley-Davidson FXSTB Softail Night …

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Sep 13

Beginner Bike wars, Kawasaki raises the bar…

Kawasaki’s 2013 Ninja 300, fuel injection, available with ABS. Team Green goes to war to win coveted first time motorcycle buyers… By Mark DT Last year Honda rocked the beginner motorcycle world with it’s CBR 250R. For the first time a bike aimed at new riders was offered with fuel injection and available ABS in …

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Aug 31

BMW Press Release, Announcement of the BMW R 1200 GS successor model world premiere

BMW Press Release, Announcement of the BMW R 1200 GS successor model world premiere   Farkle My Ride wants to share with its users this press release from BMW Motorrad.  Yes, it’s kind of a big deal.  One of the most successful commercial motorcycles of all time, the BMW R 1200 GS, is getting a …

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Jun 23

Triumph Introduces the New Trophy for 2013

I am a huge Triumph fan.  After years of lusting, I broke down and bought myself a new Triumph 1050 Tiger SE this year and have been having an absolute blast with it ever since.  My Triumph love comes from the fact that they are well built, not overly common, (at least in North America), …

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Jun 23

Farkle My Ride welcomes readers from Alltop – Top Motorcycle News

The Moderators of Farkle My Ride received some fantastic news this week.  We are now listed on Alltop – Top Motorcycle News.  If you are unfamiliar with Alltop and you are a motorcyclist be sure to visit their page. What is Alltop Top- Motorcycle News?  To Quote from their website’s “about” page; Purpose The purpose …

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Jun 13

10 best motorcycle roads in the U.S… Lonely Planet

10 best motorcycle roads in the U.S… Lonely Planet, CNN, and my own favorite American Highway   It looks like I’m in luck being on the west coast of Canada.  I’m the shortest possible ride to the #1 motorcycle road in the USA from my Canadian homeland according to the good folks at Lonely Planet. …

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May 12

Motorcycle Polo anyone?

What do you get when you combine single cylinder thumpers, mallets, and beer?  If you are in Rwanda it means you are playing moto-polo.  Click here to read the full article courtesy of the NY Times. Here are a couple of videos so you can see the game being played.  

May 10

France gets Orwellian with 150 newly installed Trip Average Speed Cameras

Viva La France…I think not. Disappointing news from France as they take George Orwell’s vision a few steps further than imagined.  The country is installing 150 new Average Trip Speed Cameras throughout their beautiful nation.  What does this mean you say to the average rider who graces the roads of France? Average Speed Trip Cameras …

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May 02

Tsunami motorcycle hits Canada’s West Coast, owner now found

The Canadian Broadcast Corporation is reporting that a Harley-Davidson’s Japan Representative saw the story about one of their motorcycle getting swept out to sea and being found across the Pacific on the shores of British Columbia, Canada, and has tracked down the owner of the bike.  The owner, Ikuo Yokoyama, is a 29-year-old resident of …

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May 01

BMW more powerful than Viagra?

BMW more powerful than Viagra? The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that a man is filing a lawsuit against BMW America and Corbin.  Apparently, his ridged motorcycle seat caused an advanced case of priapism, or in other words…one mighty long and painful erection.  The court documents stated it lasted two years! Perhaps those ED victims …

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Apr 30

Canada’s Western Most Province updates its Motorcycle laws effective June 1, 2012

The following is a reprint of the news release from BCCOM. (British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists) Essentially helmet laws are strengthened with the non DOT certified “beanie” being deemed illegal.  There are new rules for passengers, and the licence plate font size is getting bigger. What’s really interesting is that while in Canada the helmet …

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Apr 26

Nude pillion warned for not wearing a lid!

Nude pillion warned for not wearing a lid! My owe my, click here for the story from Visor Down.  Makes me wish I was a traffic cop some days. Warning NSFW images on the linked page. Also, check out this female rider in the Czech Republic wearing nothing but a helmet and thong!  

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