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Best linked videos from around the web for motorcyclists.

Jan 12

The most honest motorcycle review ever…

This video is pure gold.  Imagine how much better moto-journalism could be if all motorcycle reviews were this honest and funny?  No doubt it would make the manufacturers stop making stupid decisions as well.  Enjoy!  

Mar 17

Best of YouTube…Ulitimate Close Call Compilation 2014

Be glad you weren’t behind the bars or wheel of these video captures… If you like these be sure to go back and watch Crazy Russian Road Accidents These are not all motorcycle related, but still you can’t believe the good luck some people have avoiding the worst at the last moment.  Especially the rider …

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Mar 04

Motorcycle USA’s 2014 Calendar Girls

Have you seen the Motorcycle USA Calendar Girls photo shoots?  Check out the videos for each month below.  We think these videos are definitely worthy of being added to our “Best of YouTube for riders” category. Updated by Anne DT March 2014 February 2014 January 2014 Believe it or not, clicking this link will lead …

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Feb 20

Water Transfer Printing…an end to the airbrush?

Watch this video, you will be amazed!   This video was shared on our facebook page today by motorcyclist Chris Olson.  Skip to the 9 minute mark to see this magic being applied to helmets, and motorcycle tanks.  Truly amazing technology that could re-write the rules of what is possible with custom paint.     …

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Nov 23

2013 Macau Motorcycle GP Up Close

Great Video from the 2013 Macau Motorcycle GP Article by Anne DT   If you didn’t get a chance to make it to the 2013 Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix and would have liked to have seen it up close then you will love this video. Below is a YouTube sourced video of Didier Grams on …

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Sep 12

Speed Kills… Your Pocketbook?

Another day, another great day for YouTube.  This video had nearly 100,000 views in its first two days, and aims to dispel the so called mantra of “speed kills” which is often pushed by the mainstream media and law enforcement. The video which was produced in my home area, is a fantastic science based look …

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Jul 21

Crazy Russian Road Accidents

This video contains some unbelievable content.  In fact I still can’t wrap my head around the incident at 1:12 into the video.  Even more crazy is seeing how they walk away.  Best watched in full screen and 720p.  Keep sending us your favorite videos to share. Even harder to believe, is that everyone apparently walks …

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Jun 21

FIAMM Low Tone Horn, easy mount, low cost and LOUD!

Searching for an inexpensive and easy to mount horn for your ride. FIAMM has the answer with its Freeway Blaster FIAMM Low Tone Horn. (includes video) by Mark DT   I am not a “loud pipes saves lives” type of rider.  I have no doubt that a loud exhaust does make you more noticeable to …

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Jun 17

Motorcycle Helmet with HUD being developed…

Will this “Google Glasses” style Helmet visor interface be the future of motorcycle riding? (with video) By Mark DT Imagine having a first class Snell/ECE rated motorcycle helmet that projects all navigation information onto the inside of the face shield?  How about being able to speak your commands to it much like SIRI, or My …

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May 27

Totally NSFW…

Nude rider in the Czech Republic doesn’t raise an eyebrow with the locals? Last year we received a lot of comments about this story about a rider ticketed for nude riding without a helmet.  Keeping it classy as always we bring you this gem that will likely be taken off YouTube within days.  It is …

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Apr 15

Intergenerational Cager Stupidity!

8 Year Old Kid Driving Ferrari F430 in Kerala, India   Some days I think I should really change our YouTube category from Best Of YouTube For Riders, to the worst of YouTube.  In a short video that makes the parents on Toddlers with Tiara’s look like Dr. Spock, we bring you this unfortunate gem …

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Apr 10

2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636 vs The Isle of Man

This amazing display of rider skill is a must see… This is by far one of the best motorcycle videos put on YouTube this year in our opinion.  Make sure to watch in 720p HD and if you can stream this onto your best TV with Apple TV or a similar TV/internet interface.  The bigger …

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Apr 01

Road Rage Karma

This video has over half a million views.  Not motorcycle related but very funny/creative way to deal with those DB’s that don’t know how to respectfully share the road.  Be sure to watch to the end.

Feb 04

Very funny DIY motorcycle oil change video

Thanks to James P. who shared this video with us via our Facebook page.   This video had us laughing our asses off.  It is a brilliant take on doing your own DIY motorcycle oil change, that is a perfect counterpoint to our recent article on motorcycle maintenance.  Words can’t do it justice, just give …

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Jan 31

Motorcycles Shut Down Freeway for Marriage Proposal

Check out this YouTube video of a 300 motorcycle convoy that blocked a freeway for a marriage proposal. Here is the text from the poster of this video: Published on Jan 29, 2013 After several hundred motorcyclists shut down the 10 Freeway so one biker could propose to his girlfriend on the pavement, the California …

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Jan 14

Motorcycle themed ads Part III

It came from the YouTubes…   Here we continue with some great motorcycle themed ads to keep you smiling through our season of winter riding withdraw. While none of these are R-rated, parents may wish to screen this material before having their kids watch. The riding skills on this first ad will memorize you. Too …

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Dec 31

Best of Motorcycle Comparison Videos from 2012

It came from the YouTube’s… Here are some of the best motorcycle comparisons we found on the web for 2012.   Go big or go home, first we look at the best European Litre bikes.  BMW, Ducati, or Aprilia?   Adventure shootout?  Lets look at the biggest adventure tours of 2012.  BMW R1200GS vs KTM …

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Dec 02

Bad day to ride to the yacht club…

Thanks to one of our users who emailed us this video.  Those panniers sure can make the bike wider than it feels.  You have to really feel for this poor rider.  ATGATT doesn’t mean as much when falling vertically down a 20 foot drop onto a dock.   You can play the video in the …

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Nov 28

Great Motorcycle Advertisements/PSA’s Part II

Suffering from the post Thanksgiving Blues?  Cheer up and watch these fun videos.   We hope all of our users in the USA had a great holiday weekend.  Since we are back to the real world again until the Christmas holiday, we thought it was a good time to share some more great motorcycle advertisements …

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Nov 08

Auxiliary Motorcycle 3000 Lumen LED Lights by Cree aka “Komy Lights”

Dimmer wiring diagram

Review of Komy Lights: Two small LED pods with 3000 Lumens each add big light to any motorcycle.  A powerful farkle for all riders to consider.   In June 2012, we had a great article and video submitted by Mark Robbins from the United Kingdom on some very impressive LED lights he had installed on …

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Oct 24

2013 Honda CB1100

Honda builds a bike for those who missed the 70’s, 80’s and the days of classic Universal Japanese Motorcycles. But will we ever see the 2013 Honda CB1100 in the USA or Canada?   The new 2013 Honda CB1100 will no doubt for Honda purists deliver an experience equal to what Triumph lovers have been …

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Oct 12

Funniest Motorcycle Commercials

Here are a few of the funniest motorcycle related advertisements that have been seen on TV from different parts of the world. Selected and compiled for Farkle My Ride by Mark DT Part One YouTube, and other video sharing sites have opened up the history of advertising for bikes like never before.  Here are a …

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Oct 06

Wolo Bad Boy Horn video with installation comments

Wolo Bad Boy Horn for motorcycles.  Does it really provide 139 decibels of cager rattling pain? by Mark DT Those of you who visit and or “liked” our Facebook Page know that I’ve been on the hunt for user reviews and install stories about aftermarket motorcycle horns.  Many internet forums have riders either loving the …

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Sep 18

Rider education, possibly NSFW, Best of YouTube for riders

Body Positioning on a Sportbike, and how to ride 2Up on a Sportbike… Only in America, MSF style lessons taught by Bikini wearing instructors   Oh my patient wife…She shares administrative moderator status on Farkle My Ride.  We shall see if these videos last more than a few days. Sometimes when you run a website …

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Sep 12

Best of YouTube for Riders… Japan Police Moto Test

Best of YouTube for Riders… Japan Police Moto Test   Note to self, never try to out run or out maneuver the highway patrol from Japan.  This exciting video shows a Japanese officer owning the short track.  He completes U-turns tighter at faster speeds than most riders could accomplish duck walking their motorcycle.  Take note …

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Sep 04

The All New Trophy Motorbike from Triumph Motorcycles Ltd

As most Farkle My Ride readers know I am a huge Triumph fan.  This past spring I finally made the leap from fan to owner purchasing a brand new Tiger 1050 SE.  One motorcycle coming down from Triumph in the new year to North America that interests me a great deal is their new Trophy. …

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Sep 02

Chain Cleaning Part Two, Muc-Off tool video

Chain Cleaning Part Two, Muc-Off Chain cleaning Tool Video by Mark DT   Thank you to one of our readers who read our article on motorcycle chain cleaning published 24 hours ago and sent me a line via our contact page.  Something that I wasn’t aware of is that in addition to the Grunge Brush, …

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Aug 21

Triumph gets one million plus hits for this funny video

Farkle My Ride’s moderators spend way too much time on YouTube, when we should probably just be out riding.  However I’ll be excused as the bike is in the garage and I’m far from home in London, England with work and had just enough time to give you a quick update thanks to my hotel …

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Aug 11

200 Motorcycle Crashes, The Best of You Tube

I am fortunate in that I get to travel to China, Japan and Korea with my work.  However, besides seeing a few bicycle collisions, I have never come close to witnessing accidents like what these two videos contain (100 motorcycle crashes each.).  Video number one has over 1.5 million views.   Have fun and enjoy the …

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Jun 21

Auxiliary LED Lights

Four LED and two HID lights on Mark Robbins's Triumph Tiger 1050SE

Auxiliary LED lights for Motorcycles Reviewed by Mark Robbins   I bought my first set of auxiliary LED motorcycle lights some 15 months ago, and was so impressed by the product, I have bought the latest most powerful version too. The standard headlights on my bike were so poor, it was actually dangerous to ride …

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Jun 10

Possibly NSFW but very fun Safety Advert from the UK

I wish more countries had such a great sense of humour when it came to advertising, motorcycles and safety. Remember all the gear all the time and stay safe on your motorcycle!  

Jun 07

Kawasaki Ninja 250 vs. the big bikes at Laguna Seca

This video demonstrates that even a small displacement motorcycle in a talented rider’s hands can show up a big bike with a lesser rider on a twisty track.  

May 12

Motorcycle Polo anyone?

What do you get when you combine single cylinder thumpers, mallets, and beer?  If you are in Rwanda it means you are playing moto-polo.  Click here to read the full article courtesy of the NY Times. Here are a couple of videos so you can see the game being played.  

May 08

The Shocking Truth About Electric Motorcycles – RIDEAPART

Here is a a great video showing all the pluses and minuses of the the best new electric motorcycle brought to market by Zero Motorcycles.  This video is made by Hell for Leather and is brought here via YouTube.

Apr 27

Audi TT RS vs. Ducati 1199 Panigale S

With the newly announced purchase of Ducati by Audi we thought this video would be a fun addition.  This comes from German network TV, perhaps if any German speakers are here they can translate the few seconds of conversation in the comments section.  The video is great, however they should have used an Audi R8 …

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Apr 22

How To Pick Up A Fallen Motorcycle

Here are several videos on how to pick up a fallen motorcycle.  One with a Harley Davidson, the other with a Honda Goldwing. While it would be a bad day if these skills were put to use, a good set of engine bars or frame sliders will often protect your ride so that minimal damage …

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Apr 18

Very fast trip around Nürburgring on a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

[warning]Best viewed in 720p and full screen.  Warning, motion sickness may incur. Do not try this on your local highways.[/warning]   This rider for Kawasaki Germany demonstrates some incredible riding skills on this very fast lap around Germany’s most famous race track.  

Apr 15

Riding to the Arctic, an awesome series for the rider and non-rider alike.

This video series takes a while to go through, but it is time very well spent.  These three riders from OneWheelDrive.Net have done a better job of documenting travel between Vancouver, BC to far above the Arctic Circle than anything I’ve seen on the CBC or any of the other mainstream media.  They ride three …

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Apr 11

Motocross Bike On Mountain – amazing rider shows no fear

It is easy to be jaded by all the personal videos out there on You Tube.  However this one definitely is amazing to watch.  Be sure to watch in full screen in 720p if your server can manage.

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