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May 16

Kickstand Pads for your motorcycle

Take the worry out of parking on hot asphalt or soft ground with a kickstand pad for your motorcycle.   by Mark DT   If you like to ride and tour you know that parking when on the road can be a challenge. If you like camping with your motorcycle, you can just picture your …

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Jun 23

Anti Monkey Butt Powder with Calamine

Get past the funny name, this stuff is a life saver.   by Mark DT   I just got home from a great five-day ride of over 2000 km.  I will be sharing details of that ride for the Dreams Take Flight charity elsewhere on this blog, but for today I bring you a quick …

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Mar 15

ZANheadgear, top notch helmet liners

ZANheadgear Coolmax Helmet Liner and ZANheadgear Micro Fleece and Neoprene Helmet Liner

ZANheadgear makes both hot weather and cold weather liners that motorcycle riders should know about. by Mark DT   Keeping comfortable and fatigue free when riding is important.  If you are too hot or cold, this will create a distraction.  We all know that texting, screaming kids, and tailgating drivers can be big distractions to …

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Mar 14

Alpinestars GP-R Leather Jacket Review

Alpinestars GP-R Perforated Leather Jacket...Yes you can wear leather when its hot and stay cool.

Alpinestars GP-R Leather Jacket.  A hot weather jacket for motorcycle riders that is cool, breathes… and is leather?  Yes, you can be safe and cool while riding. Sent in by Mike from California:   The Alpinestars GP-R leather jacket works well for those of us that insist on wearing leather gear all year round.  In …

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Feb 28

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner reviewed…

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner is one of those great inexpensive products that works as advertised.

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner sent in by Larry aka the “Hogman”   My motorcycle (HD of course), and my gear have one thing in common,  lots of leather.  Keeping it up is easy.  I sent in this small review as many of my riding brothers didn’t know about this stuff. For treating all my leather, …

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Feb 10

Slime 40001 Motorcycle Tire Inflator

Slime 4001 Power Sport Tire Inflator was designed with the touring motorcyclist in mind.

Slime 40001 Motorcycle Tire Inflator… Weird name, but a handy device for touring riders. by Mark DT   The Slime 40001 Motorcycle Tire Inflator may win the title for strangest product name, but if you are a touring rider it is worth checking out.  This is not a device intended for garage use.  In the home …

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Feb 04

Heated Grips by Oxford and R&G

Oxford Heated Grip for cruisers.

Say goodbye to cold numb hands by adding a set of heated grips to your ride. by Mark DT For those of us who like to extend our riding season as long as possible, and live in parts of the country where winter is a reality, a set of heated grips is a must.  Old …

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Feb 04

WingShields Hand Protectors

Riding in the rain or cold?  Take a look at these… WingShields Hand Protectors by Mark DT It’s crazy that often the most effective solutions to problems are simple ones.  I used to ride a Vulcan cruiser, and when the temperature dropped or it rained, I kept it in the garage otherwise my hands would …

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Aug 09

Staying cool on a Motorcycle

You don’t have to sacrifice your safety for comfort on hot weather days. by Anne DT   My husband often jokes that the range of outside air temperatures where I enjoy riding my motorcycle the most is from 21.5C (70.7F) to 23.9C (75.02F).  Anything above that range and I’m too hot and below that and …

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Jul 10

CruzTOOLS Outback’r Folding Metric Tool Set

The Swiss Army Knife for Motorcyclists

Is this the Swiss Army Knife for Motorcyclists everywhere? Motorcycle tool review: CruzTOOLS Outback’r Folding Metric Tool Set by Mark DT Click Here to Skip Review and Buy Now on   As a kid of the 70’s and 80’s where technology was limited to Pong and Atari, a gift you often begged your parents …

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Jul 04

Alpinestars Racing Replica One Piece Suit, with video

A one piece suit for those that want the best protection they can get on the track or streets. Submitted by “Track Day” Jim   Here is my quick review.  The Alpinestars Racing Replica One-Piece Suit ( link) is not inexpensive, I paid nearly $3000 with taxes for it, however I feel that it was …

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Jun 21

FIAMM Low Tone Horn, easy mount, low cost and LOUD!

Searching for an inexpensive and easy to mount horn for your ride. FIAMM has the answer with its Freeway Blaster FIAMM Low Tone Horn. (includes video) by Mark DT   I am not a “loud pipes saves lives” type of rider.  I have no doubt that a loud exhaust does make you more noticeable to …

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Jun 10

How To Avoid a Dead Motorcycle Battery

Keep your Motorcycle Battery Charged with a Solar Powered Trickle Charger. By Chris Cooke If your motorcycle sits for a while have you found yourself in a situation where you are unable to start it because the battery is dead?  An easy way to avoid that is to hook it up to a solar powered …

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May 29

Airhawk Seat Cushion Review

Motorcycle Air Cushion

By Frank Gibson If you find your motorcycle seat uncomfortable and walk like you’ve just gotten off a horse when you’ve only gone on a short ride… then you may want to check out the Airhawk seat cushion.   I love going on long rides with my friends but after 45 minutes into the ride …

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Apr 13

Pulstar Spark Plugs for Motorcycles

plug comparison

Get more BANG from your combustion stroke with a Pulstar Pulse Plug By Mark DT Years ago in high school shop class we were taught the four strokes of the common internal combustion engine.  Intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust.  Being goofy hormone charged teenagers we remembered this as: suck, squeeze, bang and blow.  Cheesy yes, …

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Mar 21

Air Compressors for Motorcyclists

Air Compressor motorcycle

Garage Farkles we love, Air Compressors for Motorcyclists by Mark DT   Spring has arrived.  Many of you living in places that get real winter weather are no doubt itching to DE-winterize your motorcycle.  If the motorcycle has been put to bed properly in the fall this should be a fairly easy job.  First ensure …

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Mar 10

Flash2Pass – A garage door opener for motorcyclists

Flash2Pass Review

By Brian Quinn Review of the lazy rider’s garage door opener, Flash2Pass. I have always found it a pain to get into the garage after a ride. Wearing gloves, it takes me some time to dig the garage door opener out of my pocket, fumble with it, and then occasionally dropping it on the ground. …

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Dec 10

TCX X-Street Boots Review

The TCX X-Street Sneakers are reviewed by ScooterFreak. I was looking for some boots to wear for my daily commute to work on my Vespa. I wanted to find something that would protect my ankles if I did fall, but not something too bulky or stiff, so I could still do some walking in them. After …

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Nov 08

Auxiliary Motorcycle 3000 Lumen LED Lights by Cree aka “Komy Lights”

Dimmer wiring diagram

Review of Komy Lights: Two small LED pods with 3000 Lumens each add big light to any motorcycle.  A powerful farkle for all riders to consider.   In June 2012, we had a great article and video submitted by Mark Robbins from the United Kingdom on some very impressive LED lights he had installed on …

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Oct 30

Tour Master Solution 2.0 WP Boots Review

A “Noob” reviews his Tour Master Solution 2.0 WP Boots by James aka “Mr. BBQ” I am a new rider, and am not a writer.  I’m sending this review in to help my fellow noobs find some good gear. I bought these black Tour Master Solution WP 2.0 Road Motorcycle Boots at my local motorcycle …

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Oct 30

Icon Device Textile Over Pants Review

A “Noob” reviews his gear by James aka “Mr. BBQ”   I am a new rider, and am not a writer.  I’m sending this review in to help my fellow “Noobs” find some good gear. I bought the Icon Device Textile Pants ( link) online and got them pretty quickly.  Like… 3-4 days I think.  …

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Oct 23

Motorcycle Chain Maintenance – Lubrication

Motorcycle Chain Maintenance, part 2: So many motorcycle chain lube choices, what works best for your ride? by Mark DT   This is a follow-up to our Motorcycle Chain Cleaning article.  If you haven’t read it you may wish to review it first before continuing here, especially as it is somewhat counterproductive to lube a …

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Oct 10

Sea Foam Motor Treatment review… miracle product in a $9.00 can?

Can one single product really clean fuel systems, lubricate upper cylinders, stabilize your fuel for storage, and even clean sludge from your crankcase? by Mark DT   Winter is coming for those of use who live in the northern latitudes.  While I’m looking forward to skiing, booking a winter trip somewhere nice and warm, and …

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Oct 06

Wolo Bad Boy Horn video with installation comments

Wolo Bad Boy Horn for motorcycles.  Does it really provide 139 decibels of cager rattling pain? by Mark DT Those of you who visit and or “liked” our Facebook Page know that I’ve been on the hunt for user reviews and install stories about aftermarket motorcycle horns.  Many internet forums have riders either loving the …

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Sep 28

MRA X-Creen Review

MRA X-Creen Review for Farkle My Ride by Mark DT The MRA X-Creen is a unique spoiler that can be attached on to the top of your windscreen by either a drill-on or clamp-on assembly, and is used to help move the incoming airflow up and above your helmet.  It is a universal fitting air …

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Sep 09

Farkling My Drifter by Chris Kempling

Farkling My Kawasaki Drifter 800 by Chris Kempling   Farkling… Cool verb. I’ve always liked the looks of the classic Indians, but who can afford a new or an old one?  Even if you could afford a classic, why deal with the reliability issues of the older ones?  So I found Kawasaki’s Vulcan Drifter, inspired …

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Sep 02

Chain Cleaning Part Two, Muc-Off tool video

Chain Cleaning Part Two, Muc-Off Chain cleaning Tool Video by Mark DT   Thank you to one of our readers who read our article on motorcycle chain cleaning published 24 hours ago and sent me a line via our contact page.  Something that I wasn’t aware of is that in addition to the Grunge Brush, …

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Aug 31

Motorcycle Chain Maintenance, Chain Cleaning

Motorcycle Chain Maintenance. Simple, cheap and essential by Mark DT Part One Cleaning your motorcycle Chain Before I bought my first motorcycle I remember being a little hesitant about buying a bike with chain drive as I thought the maintenance would be too excessive.  Being a newbie I went to one of my buddies who …

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Aug 27

Yana Shiki HID Lighting Kit before and after photo gallery

Farkle My Ride’s before and after photo gallery of the Yana Shiki HID lighting kit, (35 watt 6000k color), replacing the OEM 55 watt halogen in the low beam only. Text by Mark DT, photos taken by Anne DT   They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Let’s hope these pictures help you …

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Aug 26

Review: Yana Shiki HID KIT for motorcycle headlights more light, less watts, lasts longer

Yana Shiki HID Lighting Kit for motorcycle headlights, more light, less watts, lasts longer, the full review By Mark DT   In June, Mark Robbins sent us a fantastic article on LED lighting.  Mark also happens to own the exact same motorcycle as myself.  He also mentioned in his article how he went about changing …

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Aug 17

Gearing up when its HOT HOT HOT, Mesh Pants, Part Three

Motorcycle Armored Partial and Full Mesh Pants, better safety and beats the heat. By Mark DT In part one we looked at hot weather riding jackets, in part two we looked at Kevlar Jeans.  To close this series on good hot weather riding gear it is time to look at hot weather riding motorcycle pants.  …

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Aug 17

Gearing up when its HOT HOT HOT part two, Kevlar Jeans with CE Armor

Motorcycle Kevlar Jeans review… by Mark DT Gear up when its HOT HOT HOT Part Two In part one of this three part article I detailed hot weather riding jackets as well as giving my own personal accolades to Joe Rocket’s Alter Ego line of Jackets.  Now its time to discuss protecting one’s assets or …

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Aug 16

Gearing up when its HOT HOT HOT part one, Jackets…

Gearing up when it’s HOT HOT HOT Part One, Joe Rocket Jackets Mesh motorcycle riding jackets to the rescue… by Mark DT Summer is here.  The temperatures thankfully are high.  I love summer and love the heat, however, I am an admitted safety nerd and subscribe to ATGATT or All The Gear All The Time …

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Jul 19

Motorcycle chain alignment made easy…

Motorcycle chain alignment made easy… Motion Pro Chain Alignment tool review with video Reviewed by Mark DT The Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool is a simple and effective little tool to use and visually ensure that your motorcycle chain is running straight and true.  It is a great tool for the home mechanic.  The manufacturer …

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Jun 21

Auxiliary LED Lights

Four LED and two HID lights on Mark Robbins's Triumph Tiger 1050SE

Auxiliary LED lights for Motorcycles Reviewed by Mark Robbins   I bought my first set of auxiliary LED motorcycle lights some 15 months ago, and was so impressed by the product, I have bought the latest most powerful version too. The standard headlights on my bike were so poor, it was actually dangerous to ride …

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May 04

Icon Primer Tank Bag Review – 8 out of 10, by Brent VanDyke

Icon Primer Tank Bag Review – 8 out of 10 Reviewed by Brent VanDyke I debated not writing this review as I thought the bag was old enough that SURELY it had been discontinued. I was mistaken! The Icon Primer was my first tank bag purchase, made in July of 07. I constantly found myself …

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May 01

Givi V35 PLX Saddlebags Review

Givi V35 PLX Saddlebags Review – 7 out of 10 Written and reviewed by Brent VanDyke Soon after purchasing my then new 2008 Kawasaki Versys, I found that I’d be travelling a great deal further on this bike than I had originally thought I would.  I should have known this would be the case based …

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Apr 22

PIAA H7 Xtreme White Plus Bulbs Review

PIAA H7 Xtreme White Plus Bulbs Review –  does it really give 110 watts of light from a 55 watt bulb? Reviewed by Mark DT One thing a rider can not have of is enough light when riding at night on an empty road.  The first night ride on my old motorcycle was frightening to …

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Apr 04

Garmin Zumo 660 Review

Garmin Zumo 660 Motorcycle GPS Review Are navigation, communication, and music really just one touch away on your handlebars? Reviewed by Mark DT   I am a lucky fellow.  I have a wife that not only tolerates my motorcycle habit, she even surprises me with farkles from time to time.  The all time best birthday …

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Mar 26

Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Systems, Chatterbox XBi2 Review

My wife and I discuss the pros and cons of riding with motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms. This is going to be a “he said” “she said” article.  Both my wife and I love to ride.  We have had two motorcycles for years now.  About two years ago we discovered the joys of rider to rider motorcycle …

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Mar 21

Zero Gravity Sport Touring Windscreen for Kawasaki Ninja 250r Review

  Zero Gravity Double Bubble Sport Touring Windscreen Review Reviewed by Mark DT At high speeds, there is a lot of wind pressure on the upper chest, and noise in the helmet.  Nobody expects a Ninja 250 to offer the protection of a Goldwing, but getting the wind above one’s shoulders, and reducing helmet noise …

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